How did the project born?

Students and institutions in comparison

Some classes of the highschool"F. Cecioni",situated in Leghorn,participated in some educational meetings organized by the Councillor of the equality of Leghorn's province. In these meetings the students started to learn about this phenomenon,and also about the actions that have been put in place by some institutions of the territory with the aim of inform about the problem and activate appropriate initiatives that can counteract the brutal phenomenon.

Inform, inform, inform!

The students involved in this project compared their ideas to figure out how they could concretely help the istitutions to stop this phenomenon. They decided to learn more concern the practice of mutilating the female genital organs reading texts, searching for notes on the web and comparing themselves with the teachers involved in this project. The result was to create an application and some informative pages towards their peers.

Your contribution

All of us can do something. If you know some people that risk to be subjected to this phenomenon, you can use the contacts that we provide to know what you can do to help them. You can also help us in spreading a link to theese pages to let more people know what is the mutilation of female genital organs. The information is the first weapon against this kind of practices!

Entities and institutions

If you are part of an institution or a public or private authority, engage yourself in contrasting this phenomenon. You can even just meet people that take part to it or help us to extend the informations that we publish, ensuring a service for the whole national territory. In the page of contacts you can find out many modality by which you can communicate your proposals to us.

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Some statistics

Unfortunately,in many countries this phenomenon is anything but secondary. Some statistics will help you to understand the dimensions of the phenomenon.

A little bit of history...

A phenomenon that comes from afar. We will try to understand why, even nowadays, this phenomenon is so difficult to eradicate.

The medical side

What does mutilations imply at anatomical level. What medical and health implications do these practices have and what effects they have on women.

They wrote

Many authors,in their works, have faced and described the problem. In this section are proposed some of these works.

Organizations and associations

On the territory there are many entities involved. Search those closest to your area . You can contact them if you need help or if you want to know the phenomenom better.You can even do it anonymously. Give these contacts even to the women that you think could need any help.

Allegoria della giustizia

The legislation

In this section section are deepened the legal issues.